To celebrate the launch of Will Lawton and the Alchemists new album “Abbey House Session”, the band will be playing a very special gig at the Pound Arts Centre at 8pm on Sunday 11th Oct 2020, and you can watch it live on LiveLounge.TV. Tickets are restricted to just 200 places, so grab your place now.

Ticket Special Price £5.00

Free handling charge

The launch of “Abbey House Session” comes at a time when live music has been brought to its knees by Coronavirus, and it looks like we won’t be queueing to our favourite venues for some time to come.

So, LiveLounge.TV and Malmesbury Live Arts are very proud to live stream Will Lawton and the Alchemists live from the Pound Arts Centre on Sunday 11th Oct 2020.

Come and be a part of the very special album launch.