George Michael Live

This is a unique opportunity to see Steve Mitchell honouring George Michael and 40 years of his music. The live stream on Saturday the 27th March 2021 from LiveLounge.TV also features a guest band including a very special guest who worked with George in his early days.
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A Message From Steve



Live Stream Ticket £10
This ticket gives you access to the live streamed show with Steve and his guests and permission to have “Faith” that “Freedom” is coming. And you could win one of three George Michael Live CD’s featuring Steve Mitchell.

VIP Live Stream Ticket £20
When you buy VIP package, you’ll be able to catch up with Steve and his special guest on an after-show Zoom call where you can join him for a drink and a chat. As a VIP you’ll also have the chance to win the Faith jacket as worn by Steve on a recent tour as well as 1 of 2 CD’s.


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